The REVOLVER rewinder with automatic change and cut is the ideal machine for rewinding printed rolls without machine downtime, ensuring great performance, an increase in productivity and ease of use. It can be connected to any printing or other machine.

REVOLVER is equipped with two rewinder stations mounted on a rotation system also called REVOLVER, which allows a rewinding roll on the first station while the second one remains free to load the empty reel. The printed roll and reel change is done manually while Revolver is rewinding a new printed roll that will be cut transversally and changed automatically using the REVOLVER system.

Format changes are set on the Touch-Screen operator panel, which allows the machine working parameters to be set with an easy to use interface that also allows monitoring of the production process.

To improve the performance of the automatic rewinder even more, the machine can be equipped with a longitudinal cutting station with several blades and/or a double transversal cutting station so the roll can also be rewound in reverse.


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