Eco Meccanica also offers various printing accessories.


Air operated double diaphragm pneumatic pumps are positive displacement pumps with wide global diffusion. The pumps are self-priming and able to suction fluids without the use of mechanical seals. They can operate dry without any problems. Double diaphragm pneumatic pumps can be located in hazardous areas and with their small size they can be moved easily.

With its manufacturing and use simplicity, this type of pump is definitely an economical and reliable choice.



Electric peristaltic pumps are the new system for transporting dense fluids.

This pump’s operation is based on the pressure of rotating rollers that progressively press on a rubber tube, pushing the product towards the outlet. The alternation between tube compression and release generates a continuous product recall, creating a constant output, and also allowing small quantities of liquids to be dosed with high precision.

A wide range of tubes of different materials means that any peristaltic pump can be used with various liquids, even the harshest ones.



 Teflon coated chambered doctor blade with side seal gaskets and blade stop strips. Doctor blade support beam for easy removal.

The pressure is exerted manually using two regulation knobs located behind the doctor blade.



UV polymerization systems with products dedicated to a wide range of applications in the printing industry: UV flexographic printing on pharmaceutical aluminium and polypropylene, labels, continuous forms, packaging, food packaging, silicone, lithography and offset printing.

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