New state-of-the-art center drum flexographic printer, 1 to 2 colors, designed in particular for customers who need the precision of the center drum on narrow webs and small rolls, fast and easy to use, perfectly suited to medium and short runs . It is provided with a unique structure for easy installation.

MYA surprises with its great ease of use and satisfies a wide range of customers, guaranteeing work with different types of materials, from self-adhesive paper to stretch film.

Thanks to its versatility, it can be equipped with various technical innovations:

  • Ceramic Anilox Cylinders
    Injection-closed chamber scraper
    Pneumatic or peristaltic pumps for inks
    Inlet tape guide
    Drying between colors and electrically heated hot air tunnel
    Longitudinal cutter with more blades
    Double winding station
    Camcorder to monitor printing


Technical Characteristics

COLORS 1 – 2
WIDTH mm 200 – 400
PRINT REPEAT max mm 300
SPEED mt/min 50 – 100

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