Flexographic printing units with central drum, stack type, in line modulars from 300 to 1500mm wide to insert in already existing systems, extrusion lines, material binding lines, automatic heat sealers, machines for processing paper or plastic film, polyethylene, non-woven fabric, machines for napkins, towels, bags and sacks.

Central drum unit from 1 to 8 colours

Stack Type Unit from 1 to 6 colours, printing on one side 6+0 and front/back 3+3 – 4+2 – 5+1

In-line modular units from 1 to 8 colours

The units can be equipped with a wide range of technical solutions to improve performance.

  • Input film guide
  • Hoists to lift and position the cliché cylinder
  • Video camera to monitor printing
  • Pneumatic or peristaltic ink pumps
  • Chambered doctor blade with injector system
  • Gas drying system